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A Walla-Walla onion close-up.

Walla Walla onions are the North's answer to Vidalias

They are sweeter and bigger.    Walla Walla is a long-day onion.
Long-day for the northern part of the country.
Mid day for north and middle.
and short day for the south.

To get good onions, like this one, mind my guidelines:
Darth Slater selling his onions and tomatoes.
Dean says, "I got involved about 30 years ago when I grew my first tomatoes.  I used to play music professionally then quit last year because I dont have any extra time anymore." Dean Slater's farm, with partners Norman Peters and Michael Keyes, is P.K.S. Heirlooms in Copemish, Michigan. 
Photo and Text Copyright 2010 Dean Slater
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